Heartbreaking Mistake

Sometimes tragedy really hits home, even when it happens hundreds of miles away.

I gasped out loud when I heard about the Saskatchewan bus crash involving a hockey team.  15 were killed and almost that many were injured. 

I immediately pictured my son and his baseball team, on the bus each week. My heart ached for the coaches and the team... and especially the parents.  Because it's the unthinkable, that we've all thought about.  And prayed would never happen.

And now, the pain has been magnified and multiplied, by a case of mistaken identity.  

One family, who thought their son was dead, has learned that he's alive. Their mourning has turned to joy.

But another family has taken their place.  


Officials noted that a lot of the players looked the same because they were similar ages and had dyed their hair for their playoff run. That would make it tough for a visual identification.  

That hit home, too... because my son's team dyed their hair.  Never thought it could cause complications like this.  Because, again, it's the unthinkable... 


It's a horrible mistake.  And it caused immense pain.  But stop and think of the magnitude of this tragedy, not to mention the chaos and confusion... and that coroners are people, too.


This really got me... and in my mind, I'm thinking "Sandlot" or "Major League"... 

God, this hurts to think about.


This, too.  


Prayers for Humboldt.  

And prayers for every team, for safe travels... so no other parents have to face what their parents faced.  


(Photo credit: Gord Miller )


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