Heads Up! Starbucks Closing for Training on May 29

If you're a daily Starbucks customer... or even one who just drops in from time to time... you won't be able to get your latte on the afternoon of May 29th.

Starbucks is CLOSING 8,000 stores for ONE AFTERNOON, for racial-bias education training, after last week's incident in Philadelphia. Here's the official statement--


Twitter is divided on whether this is a good idea or a publicity stunt.  Some say it's sorely needed; others don't think one incident warrants shutting down all the stores for training.  

Regardless of whether you think it's needed or not... this is just a heads-up: no Starbucks in the afternoon on May 29th.  

NOTE: They're not messing with your MORNING coffee.  (They know better, right?)



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