"Something is wrong with our plane!"

No words for what these people experienced...

Here's the story: "Passengers are sharing harrowing accounts of pulling a woman back into a plane after a window imploded on board a flight leaving New York's LaGuardia Airport.  A young woman was partially sucked out of the plane, according to her father, after one of the plane's engines blew and forced an emergency landing.  There were 149 people aboard the flight, which left LaGuardia this morning and landed in Philadelphia around 11:30 a.m.  Some passengers were seen leaving the plane on crutches, at least one person was hospitalized, and photos of the aircraft show shredded and twisted metal around the engine inlet. "


A man whose daughter-in-law was on the flight tells what happened as the engine exploded, a window blew out, and a woman was nearly sucked out of the plane-- 


This man was on Facebook Live during some of those harrowing moments-- 


Another passenger credits the pilot and crew with doing a great job in an awful situation-- 



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