Woman Goes Broke Going To Friends' Weddings

Now, before anyone says anything, I think weddings are wonderful.  They're a great celebration of love... and friendship.  But in this age of "friending" everyone on social media, can we stop and ask just how many real friends we have?  Real enough to shell out for a bridesmaid dress, a bachelorette excursion (because no one seems to just do a party anymore), a gift... and traveling to the event?  

I say that because my daughter has lots of friends getting married, but there are only a handful that are really close friends.  For them?  Everything. The total package.  It's all worth every penny!  But for someone who happened to be in a class with her, or who she may have worked with for a short time, etc etc... just say no.  

You have to!  Weddings can really strain the wallet.  Send a gift and your regrets.  It's ok.  They're probably relieved that all 300 (or 400, or more) they invited aren't going to show.  

What brought all this up?  A young woman in London who went broke trying to be everyone's best friend and go to their weddings with a new dress, a gift, etc.  She went to 20 weddings in 4 years!

She had to move back in with her parents.  'Nuff said.


Seriously?  Her pictures were great... but her bank account was toast.  


Again, your best friend's wedding is a totally different situation.  And one of our favorite movies, too... just saying.



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