Heroic Pilot of Flight 1380 Trained in Pensacola

Tammie Jo Shults safely landed Flight 1380 after an engine blew out, a window shattered and a passenger was nearly sucked out of the window. Asked if the plane was on fire, she responded calmly "No, it's not on fire, but part of it's missing."

Who does that?  What kind of person can maintain that kind of calm and focus on the task at hand... landing the plane... knowing there's a gaping hole, a blown engine, and at least one person injured (as we learned later, fatally injured).

We're learning more about pilot Tammie Jo Shults.  When the Air Force wouldn't train her as a pilot, she joined the Navy.  She trained in Pensacola, according to NBC News.  

Those skills were put to the test Tuesday.  

Oh, and if you don't believe me about her level of calmness... LISTEN to this!


Passengers were extremely grateful for her expertise-- 


A lot of comparisons to Sully, the heroic pilot who landed his plane in the Hudson River.  And yes, there needs to be a movie.... but Shully?  Eh, we'll work on that... 



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