Teens Taking Mom to Prom

I saw that there was a story going viral about a teen who took his Mom to prom--she had missed out on her own high school prom because she had him at 17.

Then I started looking online and found SEVERAL stories of sons who wanted to give their Moms the special day they had missed, including a story that went viral two years ago.

So the idea isn't exactly new... but it's still a rare enough occurance that it goes viral.  

Or maybe it's just us Moms... we can't resist a Cinderella story like that!

There's just something about a grateful child that really resonates with Moms.  Seriously, can you imagine your kid saying what Joe in Texas said??  He said taking his Mom to prom was "the least he could do" and he wanted to give her "something that will last in her memory forever". 

Hearts melting...


Same story for Nassir in Pennsylvania, whose mother had him at the age of 18.  Love the way the photographer describes the photo shoot!  


Oh, and here's a great story from two years ago... as told by the Mom (who left prom early, to give her son a chance to be a kid... hey, she'd already had her Cinderella moment!)



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