Missing Socks? Maybe The Dryer DID Eat Them!

The struggle is real.  

Socks DO disappear in the laundry process.  But it appears the washer has been cleared of suspicion and the dryer is most likely the culprit.  (I say "most likely" because of due process... and because I have a dog that likes to steal socks and underwear and blame it on the dryer.)

This tweet reveals the ugly, linty truth.  Dryers DO eat socks.  

And it scares those of us who worry about lint catching on fire.  This is 10 times as dangerous!

Here's the original tweet.... and no, you're not crazy.  


Sarah admits it wasn't her dryer... and links to a story from the person who originally posted the pic... and more!  


This is the fascinating part.  Watch this video to see HOW the socks exit the dryer, ever so sneakily.  And they appear to go willingly... not by force!


More very practical info on finding the things your dryer has eaten-- 


And some not-so-practical posts-- 


And, of course, there's always someone who spoils the fun by reminding you that this doesn't have to be a problem in the first place.


And again... the dryer may not be the ONLY sock thief in the house!



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