Deaf Publix Employee Punched By Customer

You know how you're scrolling through Twitter and a story jumps out at you.  

This one jumped out.  It made me angry and sad at the same time.  Why can't people just be civil to one another?  I started to say "kind", but I didn't want to ask too much.  Can't we just be civilized??

A customer in a Virginia Publix was trying to ask a store employee a question and the employee, whose back was turned, appeared to be ignoring her.  So the customer punched the employee in the back to get her attention.

The stunned employee turned around, figured out what the customer wanted, and pointed her in the right direction.  

But the employee hadn't been ignoring the customer's question.  She didn't hear it.  She's deaf.  

And she didn't realize anyone was there, because she doesn't have good peripheral vision.  

Can I tell you one of the reasons I love shopping at Publix? It's because they hire people with disabilities. I know several people who have real jobs now because of Publix.  

And I think that's why this story hurts so much.  Because I keep picturing my friends... proud and excited to be working... doing their best... only to meet someone at their worst.


Lots of people are sharing this story and commenting.  Most are angry... and sad. Like me.



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