Wrong Trailer Sends Kids Screaming From Theater

Families went to see "Peter Rabbit" at a theater near Perth, Australia.  But the movie trailer that popped up on screen had kids screaming and parents fleeing the theater with their kids.  

That's because the movie trailer was for "Hereditary", which has been billed as "the scariest horror movie in years"

I can only imagine what that must have been like.  40-something kids screaming.  Parents trying to cover their eyes and ears... yelling at the projectionist to stop... finally grabbing the kids and fleeing the theater.

And I'm sure it didn't end there.  Yes, they finally got to watch the movie, but if these kids are anything like mine were, the ride home was nothing but questions.  And the whole "tuck me in" routine would also have to include checking under beds, in closets and probably sleeping on the floor next to the child's bed.

The only "oops" that could possibly top that would have been a graphic trailer of a different nature.  


I've added the trailer to this story, so you can see for yourself the kind of thing the kids were exposed to.  

Or you can read this description of what the kids saw-  "The trailer for the film starring Toni Collette shows scenes of scissors being pinched into a dead pigeon's neck, a corpse laid out in a coffin, a boy bloodily smashing his head into a desk and a man on fire, all set to tense music and sharp sound effects."


They got free movie tickets, as an apology.  

I'd use 'em, but probably not for a kid's movie.  Not going through that again!


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