Are You Seeing Co-Workers Through "Coffee Goggles"?

Are you seeing your co-workers through "coffee goggles"?  

Wait... COFFEE goggles?  Not BEER goggles? 

Apparently, coffee goggles are a thing... and actually a good thing.  Scientists are saying that coffee will help you function better in a group dynamic... listen more intently, see each other in a better light.

Hey, I'm always on board when science tells me good things about coffee! 

And this bit of science might get the boss to up the ante on the office coffee service.  Couldn't hurt!


Do you think the term coffee goggles will ever be used as commonly as beer goggles?  

Nah, probably not.   

Oh, and for those of you who've had a few cups and you're ready to concentrate, here's the science behind the coffee goggles theory.  



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