Wackiest Pet Names for 2018

Results are in and the winners are...  Isabella Miss Worldwide Boo Boo and Pablo Purrcasso, the 2018  winners.  

Really?  When you've got real contenders like Sir Lix a Lot and Vladimir Poochin?  I'm having fun looking at the top 50 list of names.  It's got me wishing we'd been more creative when naming OUR pets (see below).

Anyway, there are some classics on this list...  like Chauncey Von Poops a Lot.  You gotta love a name like that one!!


Our dog thinks he's worthy of a crown, but his name definitely isn't!  

Beau.  Not exactly unique!

Amigo isn't all that original either.  Nor is it fitting for this little guy.  He may be small, but he will try to take a chunk out of you!  (Good news for everyone in his path... most of his teeth are long gone... he's kind gettin' on up there in age!)


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