"Dine-and-Dash" Dater Strikes Again

This isn't a new story... and there are probably more guys who've done this... but here's something else women need to beware of when they're going on a date with someone they met online.

He may ditch you and leave you holding the tab.

This guy made the news a year ago, leaving women to pay for expensive dinners after saying he was going to the restroom, or needed to get a phone charger from his car, etc.

Interesting fact.  Dine and Dash is a crime in California.  Victims can sue in small claims court.  And wouldn't we ALL love to see Judge Judy tackle this guy?!

The best part about THIS story?  This time, someone in the restaurant recognized him and told the manager, so he could handle the situation.

Oh, and the other interesting fact (courtesy of CBS 2 in Los Angeles)... this guy has done this other places, like when he gets a hair cut.



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