This Should Be In The Senior Prank Hall Of Fame!

At first glance, it appeared something horrible had happened at the high school... a car crashed into the building.

But when police arrived, all they could do was laugh.

This was an elaborate senior prank.... and when I say elaborate, I mean they sawed off the front of a car, used black electrical tape to look like skid marks, scattered some bricks and put up black plastic sheeting to make it look like a giant hole.

The planning was one thing, but the execution was amazing.  They set this whole thing up in 7 minutes.  

Don't know what awards they're giving out in high school these days, but I'd like to nominate them for the "Oceans 11" award.  Brad Pitt and George Clooney couldn't have done it better!


Get the details on how this all came about in this story--



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