NW Florida Graffiti Artist Is Real Easy to Catch

Brittany Ann Clenney, 28 (Source: Walton County Sheriff)

Here's a piece of advice for would-be graffiti artists. It's best not to sign your name, or the full name of the object of your affections. 

It happened at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Brittany Ann Clenney of DeFuniak Springs decided to express her love for John Ryan Wilson in purple paint at a recently opened park. Her love notes caused about $10,000 in damages. 

But she was easy to track, considering she spelled out the guy's name in full -- middle name included -- and even signed her first and middle name on one of her graffiti posts. When police caught up with her, she still had purple paint on her arm

I'm just going to use the hashtag that the Walton County Sheriff's department used: #OnlyinFlorida

Source: Walton County Sheriff
Source: Walton County Sheriff


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