Amazon Banning Customers Who Return Too Much?

Would you buy clothes and shoes online if you knew that Amazon might BAN you for returning them?

A report in the Wall Street Journal says Amazon is quietly banning customers who make too many returns.  Some have been caught by surprise when their account was closed without warning.

How many returns are too many?  No one really knows.  Apparently there's a computer algorithm that flags questionable activity.  Then someone at Amazon makes the decision to cut off that customer.

A former Amazon policy enforcement investigator (yes, apparently that's a thing) says the company bans customers who cause “a lot of headaches for Amazon,” and Amazon says there are those who abuse the return policy.  

The question now, is how does this affect what you buy on Amazon?  My daughter usually buys two sizes if she needs something in a hurry... she keeps the one that fits and sends the other back.  I'm thinking Amazon may not be as cool with that as she thinks!



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