Starbucks is Closed for Anti-Bias Training

Starbucks Website Graphic on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A quick search for an open Starbucks this afternoon gives you ZERO results. All locations are closed this afternoon (Tue 5/29) while Starbucks employees go through their 'anti-bias' training. Of course, this all stems from a recent incident in Philadelphia where a manager called police on two black men while they were waiting to meet someone. (I know, waiting to meet someone at Starbucks is unprecedented, right?)

Anyway, an embarrassed company has made some policy changes. Finally, we can use the bathroom at Starbucks without buying anything. Considering I've bought a lot of $4 cups of coffee, that only seems right. And customers can hang out at Starbucks, too -- you know, in the way people do at coffeehouses. 

It's a good thing Starbucks is doing to improve its reputation, and to ensure that all people are treated the same. I hope it makes a real difference.

But there's just one problem. Just like I'm always in the mood for Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday, I suddenly find myself wanting an iced latte. I'll just go over to Starbu... oh, wait a minute. Carpe Diem it is.

Starbucks is Closed


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