Ladies & Gentlemen, Reboot Your Routers!

So, the FBI says we need to reboot our routers.  Why? 

"Foreign cyber actors" may have hacked them.  (Most people are reading "Russians" on that one, but I'll just quote the FBI for now.)

They're serious.  Though I doubt most of our homes have been targeted, who really knows?  The FBI says it's not sure of the exact scope yet.

So first things first.  This is a router.  It's your WiFi thingy.  With the flashing lights.  


Found it?  Ok.  Now to reboot.  

This is a highly technical step (not!).  

Turn it off.  And turn it back on.  Goodbye, "foreign cyber actors".

You might also want to upgrade your equipment.  And/or change the password.


Here's the official warning from the FBI... 



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