Happy #NationalDonutDay!

It's FRIDAY... 

It's also the 1st of June, the first day of hurricane season, payday (yay!) and probably a lot of other things as well.  

But most importantly, it's NATIONAL DONUT DAY.  And I, for one, intend to celebrate!


According to a new survey, 91% of Americans either love or like donuts . . . and only 1% hate them. 

I love 'em.  Especially glazed, which is by far the most popular (Boston creme and chocolate were a distant second.  Jelly filled came in 4th.) 

One of the best ways to celebrate is with a FREE donut, right?

You can get one at Wal Mart... you can get one at Krispy Kreme... and you can get one (with beverage purchase) at Dunkin Donuts.  

And lots of other places are celebrating with donut freebies as well!


FYI, this celebration didn't begin with the donut shops or even Hallmark.  

The first National Donut Day was celebrated in 1938 by The Salvation Army in Chicago.

Salvation Army “Donut Lassies” served donuts to soldiers during World War I.


And just for fun... as well as your safety... there's another donut that needs attention today--- 



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