Dragon Boat!

This Saturday, 55 corporate and community teams take to the water at USS Alabama Battleship Park for the 5th Annual Dragon Boat Festival.  

Our iHeart team will be among those racing.  And oh, yeah, we take it seriously.   

Well.... we did dub ourselves "iHeart Big Boats And I Cannot Lie" and our training may not be all that strenuous:


There are some teams that have secret facilities set up to practice all year.  We are not those people.

We're in it for fun, for team-building, and for a great cause.  Fuse Project has been able to help a lot of local children's programs through this event.

And if you don't know what it looks like... here's our team from a couple of years ago. 


Bring the family for a fun day at the Battleship... there are lots of things to do, including a children's area... and of course, there are the Wow events, like this one-- 


And this one!



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