IHOP Hints at a Name Change

The International House of Pancakes is known to most of us as simply "IHOP." It's where I discovered decadent chocolate chip pancakes as a child (long before I knew what the word "decadent" meant, but trust me, they were good!). And it's also the home of the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Breakfast, which they advertised heavily back in the 80s.


Yesterday, IHOP started a social media campaign to hint a name change for the iconic restaurant. 


They're not saying what the "B" stands for, but I'm thinking biscuits -- trading one delicious carbohydrate laden food for another that's even more delicious when done right. 

But of course, everyone loves bacon. International House of Bacon would be a place I might enjoy.

The big reveal will happen next week, on June 11th. I'm guessing it's all just a very effective publicity stunt to introduce a new menu item. I can't imagine they're really changing the name. But if you see new signs go up at your nearest IHOP, let us know.



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