"I'm off to bed for a good cry"

"I'm off to bed for a good cry."

That's how Kate Spade's sister ended an email to The Kansas City Star, talking about the death of the 55 year old designer.

According to Reta Saffo, suicide was not "unexpected."  She says Spade was "self-medicating with alcohol," and resisted family efforts to get her into a hospital treatment program.  Saffo said Kate was concerned it would harm the "happy-go-lucky" Kate Spade brand.  

And we're all saying, "oh, no, it wouldn't! We would have understood.  We would have supported you."

That's what you say after something like this happens.  And it's what we hope is true about ourselves.  

Wish we had had the chance to find out.


Are you wearing a Superwoman cape and smiling to hide the pain?  

Read the post below.   A lot of it hits painful targets, especially this quote:

"We all need to check in on even our strongest friends. There's an assumption of well-being attached to happy faces and dollar signs."


(Photo credit: Kansas City Star)


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