"YOU Reach Out"

Again this week, we're talking about suicide.

First it was Kate Spade, sending shockwaves through the celebrity world and the world where we live and buy her purses and keychains and teapots.

We couldn't believe it.  But the happy-go-lucky brand was just that.  Her brand.  

Now, we wake up and find that Anthony Bourdain is also gone.  Also a shock to the celebrity world. And to those of us who watched him trying exotic foods and traveling to exotic places.  Brash, opinionated.  Again, a brand.

So we talk about suicide and urge those who are battling depression to seek help.  But that's not the only role we can play.  

And believe me, there's nothing worse than thinking something may be wrong and not speaking up.  

This twitter thread is one of the best things I've read this week and I wanted to share it with you-- 


That being said, when someone opens up about their pain... listen. 

That happened this week during our podcast.  

Johnna opened up.  We listened, we talked, we cried.  

We didn't fix the problem... but you know what?  She knows we're here for her, no matter what.

Everyone needs someone who's here for them.  And she offers to be there for you, too, if you need her.

We're all in this together.



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