Pickle Juice Slush at SONIC? None for Me, Thanks

It's here... today's the day.  And no, I'm not rushing out to get one.  Or getting one ever.  

I just can't deal with dill.

Saw someone eating a pickle at the Dragon Boat races and commented that I know it's good for you when you're fighting dehydration... and I've sold many a pickle at baseball concession stands... and even pickle pops (we took the leftover juice from the pickle jars, put it in those little condiment cups with a lid on it, plopped 'em in the freezer, then sold 'em... made a ton of money on that and Gatorade pops too!)

But I can't stand just eating a pickle, much less DRINKING one.  

However... I can totally see a softball, baseball, soccer team (or any other team that's hot and tired after a game and needing to rehydrate) pulling into Sonic and ordering a bunch of these.

Just not something I'd see ordering on a regular basis.  



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