#RaccoonWatch- He Made It To The Top!

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Imagine looking out the window of the 23 story office building where you work.. and seeing a raccoon looking back in at you!

This little guy crawled up the side of the UBS Plaza building in St Paul, Minnesota yesterday and so many people started watching his journey and posting updates, that he got his own hashtag!

#RaccoonWatch came to an end early today when he made it to the roof and was captured.  He'll be released safely into the wild.  And by wild, we don't mean downtown St Paul!

Look at that little face!!! 

The city, state and country have been riveted by #MPRraccoon, who is still about 22 stories above ground after climbing the side of the UBS skyscraper in downtown St. Paul. We've been monitoring the raccoon's progress from outside, but Sheila Donnelly-Coyne at Donnelly Law Office in St. Paul captured this vertiginous shot. Hoping for the best as the raccoon takes a break.

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Here's video of the big finish!!

It looks like the story of the world-famous, skyscraper-scaling raccoon has a happy ending. Shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday, it was confirmed the raccoon has been caught by a live trap -- ending the epic saga. #mprraccoon (photo credit: UBS Plaza)

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Twitter was intrigued, to say the least-- 


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