"S-Town" Will Be Made into a Movie

The wildly popular "S-Town" podcast is about to be made into a movie. The podcast told the story of John B. McLemore and his fraught relationship with the town of Woodstock, Alabama. (The "s" stands for a certain four-letter word).

What started out as a would-by murder mystery quickly evolved into a compelling life story and something much bigger than anyone could have imagined going in. The podcast had more than 40 million downloads in just the first month of its release, which happened in March 2017. And while even most Alabamians had never heard of Woodstock, it's now a place of pilgrimage for fans of this groundbreaking show.

I consider it to be the podcast that sets the standard for this genre going forward. This must listen podcast is available on our free iHeartRadio app. 



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