The Father's Day Gift That Never Occurred to Me

Getty Images

A new survey from lets us know what dad really wants for Father's Day. (No, it's not to be left alone). Many dads want electronics and tools, but a surprising number would be happy with... beer.

The survey ranked beer among the top three things dad would like for Father's Day. Now I rather enjoy beer -- especially craft beer. I'd even say it's a hobby. (Note to self: beer should probably not be a hobby). But as much as I enjoy beer, I don't really think of it as a ... gift. 

Here's what I think happened with this survey: When dads were asked what they wanted for Father's Day, they simply couldn't think of anything. Ask me what I want for any big day -- birthday, Father's Day, Christmas -- I usually can't come up with an answer. And those dads certainly couldn't bear the thought of another tie. So they said the first thing that popped into their head. And thus, beer became one of the most sought after gifts for dad.

I'll take a nice Saison or a sour beer, please... I've been enjoying these special craft brews quite a bit lately. 



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