Ocean Springs is Officially Cool!

We were just talking about Ocean Springs yesterday... how it has so many cool places to eat and shop, and that no one seems to know about it.  You feel like you stumbled upon something magical, a thriving small town downtown, that's historic yet current.  And there's great food.

Well now I guess they'll know. Ocean Springs made Budget Travel's list of the "10 Coolest Small Towns in America 2018".  It comes in at #9.

And it was the food that propelled the town onto the list.  They called it "The Gulf Coast’s foodie magnet" and they talk about several local favorites.  

They left out MY personal favorite... scroll down for more on that!


Back to my favorite... TatoNut Donuts!  We "stumbled upon" this gem at Christmas (thanks to a friend). It doesn't get much more "Small Town America" than having a brass band on the street corner in front of your shop playing Christmas carols!!   And it doesn't get more "local" than having a "Katrina plank" donut.  



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