Take Me Out To The Ballpark... For FOOD!

Ballpark food.  For most of us, that means a hot dog or pretzel... nachos... beer/soda.  The basics, right?

But ballparks try to make a name for themselves with some crazy food combos.  Most of the time, I'm not that crazy about what they come up with (especially the Seattle Mariners and those grasshoppers!)

HOWEVER, I am flying across the country to get one of these mac-n-cheese waffle cones.  Oh, and to see our son, too.   But I'm not leaving there without trying this thing!!


Here's one of those crazy things you couldn't pay me to try---


And I don't think I could handle the Dilly Dog either, though the concept really isn't that outlandish.


However, this looks pretty good!


And some places go out of their way to come up with exciting, inviting dishes-- and these actually look to be reasonably priced as well!


(Photo credit:  Bismarck Larks)


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