Paw Prints in Paw Paw Lead To Toddler Rescue

posted by Mary Booth - 

Little Princeton Perez got out of his room... and out of his house... but he's safe and sound, thanks to Apollo, the family dog!

The parents discovered the 2 year old was missing... and panicked when all they found was his sippy cup.

They live in a swampy, wooded area and they feared the worst.  

Let's let the sheriff's department pick up the story from there-- 

"Van Buren County K9 Teams were called to the scene. Sheriff Abbott was able to locate footwear and Dog print impressions in a field. The Sheriff and K9 Teams were able to track the child where the child was located with the family dog who was at his side in a heavy wooded area, approximately 2 Miles from the residence. The Child was found to be in good health other than Multiple Bug Bites."

Did you catch that?  They followed the dog's PAW prints!  

Oh, didn't I tell you where this was?   Paw Paw, Michigan.  No lie.   

They followed the paw prints in Paw Paw to find that little boy!  

It's a real life Paw Patrol rescue.

(Photo Credit:  Emily Monacelli)


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