Paw Prints in Paw Paw Lead To Toddler Rescue

Little Princeton Perez got out of his room... and out of his house... but he's safe and sound, thanks to Apollo, the family dog!

The parents discovered the 2 year old was missing... and panicked when all they found was his sippy cup.

They live in a swampy, wooded area and they feared the worst.  

Let's let the sheriff's department pick up the story from there-- 

"Van Buren County K9 Teams were called to the scene. Sheriff Abbott was able to locate footwear and Dog print impressions in a field. The Sheriff and K9 Teams were able to track the child where the child was located with the family dog who was at his side in a heavy wooded area, approximately 2 Miles from the residence. The Child was found to be in good health other than Multiple Bug Bites."

Did you catch that?  They followed the dog's PAW prints!  

Oh, didn't I tell you where this was?   Paw Paw, Michigan.  No lie.   

They followed the paw prints in Paw Paw to find that little boy!  

It's a real life Paw Patrol rescue.


(Photo Credit:  Emily Monacelli)



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