Razor Ads Showing Women's Body Hair Causing A Stir


A company that makes razors for women has introduced an unconventional ad campaign: They're actually showing body hair on women. Think about it for a second, a razor is a hair removal product. But the ads for women's razors never show the actual hair that's being shaved. With men's shaving products, it's almost expected that you see the close shave happening. 

So what's the difference?

The subscription razor company Billie is determined to change all that. Company co-founder Georgina Gooley told Today Style that shaving products have always been marketed to women on the basis of shame; or as she explains it: "...making women feel bad by having body hair and then pushing your product so that you could sell more razors." Her company isn't going to worry about whether or not women shave, but they sell razors if women want them:

"We never want to tell women that they should have hair somewhere, they shouldn't have hair somewhere … it's OK to have body hair and if you choose to keep it, then great. If you choose one day, you wake up and you want to shave it, that's fine as well. But either way, you shouldn't be apologizing for your choice and no choice is wrong.”

Of course, Gooley doesn't need to say that she hopes you'll shave and buy her company's razors. After all, even this unconventional marketing campaign is designed to get your attention and sell you some razors. But is this going to be effective?

I think a lot of women will find the campaign refreshing. But not everyone. The first comments on the @TODAYshow post was indicative of a sentiment that just isn't going to disappear: "This is just gross. Period."

But the company seems to be onto something. Founded in November 2017, Billie has already met its first year goals... in just under five months

Billie via Unsplash


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