A Seinfeld Idea: McDonald's Is Selling Muffin Tops

McCafe' Muffin Toppers at McDonald's

It's a "million dollar idea" straight out of 1997. That's the year of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine proposed selling muffin tops only, without the stumps. 

Twenty-one years later, McDonald's is testing McCafe' Muffin Toppers in its effort to revive lagging breakfast sales. We've checked around and this appears to be only a test marketing thing at this point. The nutrition info is on McDonald's website, but not so much as a picture of one. So probably not ready for a nationwide roll-out and probably not available in our area.

Certainly, it's good to test this concept first. Because as we found out in that Seinfeld episode, the muffin tops business only really works when you make the whole muffin, and then "pop the top, toss the stump." 

We're pretty sure that McDonald's is only making the muffin tops. They look pretty good, though... and the calorie count isn't bad, at 140-160 calories per top.

Spike Feresten wrote the famous muffin top episode, and he tells TMZ that he's got no problem with McDonald's stealing his idea, but he and Jerry Seinfeld should probably be getting a check for the idea, right? (We think he's joking, maybe).

Now... about those stumps. I might buy one, if the price is right.



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