Bad Movies We Actually Love

We were watching "Caddyshack" last night.  Some consider it a comedy classic.  Me?  I'd put it on my list of worst bad movies.  And yes, there are separate lists for bad movies... the worst and the best.

We all have those guilty pleasure kind of movies.  We know they're awful, but we can't help ourselves.

Personally? I watch "Armageddon" and "Tremors" every time I come across them on TV.  And I have to confess that "Road House" is another guilty pleasure, as much for Sam Elliott as for Patrick Swayze.

But "Xanadu" and some of the others on this list are truly awful!

1.  The "Sharknado" movies

2.  "Deep Blue Sea", 1999

3.  "Anaconda", 1997

4.  The horror musical "Repo: The Genetic Opera" , 2008 . . . (Featuring Paris Hilton!!!)

5.  "Xanadu", 1980 

6.  "Road House", 1989 

7.  "Armageddon", 1998 

8.  "Flash Gordon", 1989 . . .

9.  "Showgirls", 1995 

10.  "Tremors", 1990 


Just in case you don't remember these... and because just seeing the trailers makes me happy... here you go!



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