He Was Just "Doing What Jaguars Do"

Valerio got out of his enclosure at the Audubon Zoo Saturday.  And by the time the jaguar was found and sedated, 8 animals had been killed.  

One emu... two foxes... and 5 alpacas.  The alpacas came from farms in Mobile and South Mississippi just a few months ago.   One fox survived the attack.

A zoo employee spotted the jaguar outside his enclosure around 7am Saturday, and zoo veterinarians sedated him.  The roof of his enclosure had been "compromised".  It's been fixed now.  

All of this happened before the zoo would have opened, but the zoo was closed Saturday to deal with the carnage.  Audubon Zoo reopened Sunday.  

As for Valerio, the zoo curator says he was just doing what jaguars do, and nothing will be done to him.  He will NOT be euthanized.

And as for the staff at the zoo, who care for and care about these animals, counselors are being brought in to help them cope with this tragedy.



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