A New Driveway Gate

Our New Gate Has Been Installed

Debby and I have talked about getting an automatic gate for some time, but we hadn't done much about it. Then our home got burglarized, and our sweet dog Atticus ran off in fear. Fortunately, we were reunited a few days later, but it's a trauma we never want to experience again. Atticus is gone from us now, but now Sadie B has come into our home and we're keeping her. #FosterFail

Sadie B is a little bit crazy and undisciplined. While she mostly stays in our yard, she'll occasionally have those "SQUIRREL" moments and take off after something. With Sadie B, we needed a gate more than ever. For her, and to give our home more security.

And now we've got one! Not only does the gate look beautiful in its own right, it also improves the overall look of our property. And it opens and closes silently!

It's certainly nice to have that extra layer of security for our property, but the nicest part of getting the new gate is what it means in the middle of the night. Because we're dog people. And that means our dog sometimes wakes me to go out and take care of business -- you know, something I really wish she'd done before we went to bed. Before the gate, I had to go out with her and make sure she was planning to stay in the yard. Now she can go outside without me! 


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