Don't Disturb My Beauty Sleep!

Want to look good? You need your beauty sleep.

Most of us have heard that before, but we pretty much pooh-pooh'd it.  Can sleep make you beautiful? No way.  Right?

Maybe there's some truth to this.   Sealy did a study that found that the key to looking good is going to bed and waking up at very specific times.  If you do, your sleep will match your body's natural rhythms and it'll help you have clearer and better skin and brighter eyes.

What times? Earlier and later than you'd think.

The time you should go to bed is . . . 9:45 P.M. 

And the time you should wake up is . . . 6:55 A.M.

You don't have to do the math... it's NINE HOURS and 10 minutes of sleep.

I don't think I've ever sleep NINE HOURS!

Well, that certainly explains a lot... 

The researchers make a good point, though... 

“Many of us strive to look and feel good and spend a large amount of money trying to do so. However, we seem to forget that achieving a better night’s sleep can positively impact our overall appearance."

Sleep.  It's a beautiful thing!


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