Alabama Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend!

It slipped my mind completely... the Alabama Sales Tax Holiday on Back-to-School shopping is this weekend!

It's not exactly top of mind when you don't have kids in school.   But it should be!

That's because there's a lot more than school supplies on this list of tax-free items this weekend.

Take clothing, for instance.  You can get a new dress, hat, shoes, underwear... all tax-free this Friday through Sunday.

And while you're probably thinking that saving on sales tax isn't that big a deal, when you add it on to savings at stores that are coordinating their sales with the sales tax holiday, it adds up.

So whether you have kids going back to school or not... you can save.   

And you can expect to see a lot of people shopping this weekend.

AL Sales Tax Holiday
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
AL Sales Tax Holiday

Back to School shopping can be stressful... unless you're like this Mom, who's more than ready to send her kids back!



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