It's Not Your Imagination: Women Get Cold More Easily Than Men

Are you freezing at the office? The thermostat can be a source of disagreement in homes and in offices. While a man might think the temp is just fine, a woman will be in search of a light sweater. 

This isn't your imagination. If you're a woman, chances are you really are colder than men in the same environment. A story from KING 5 Seattle explains what's happening. In a nutshell, office heating and cooling standards are largely based on the metabolic rate of a sample individual -- specifically a 154-pound, 40-year-old man. 

The higher a person's metabolic rate, the warmer they feel. And men generally have a higher metabolism. In other words, those building standards are engaged in a bit of unintended office sexism. Nothing to be offended about, but certainly a good excuse for women to maybe turn up the temperature a notch. 

The problem is there may not be a great solution here. Because once the office temp is set perfect for women, the men at the office might be sweating. I've always figured it's easier to be cold than hot, because you can always add layers of clothing and get warm. If you're hot and removing layers to cool down, you will at some point run out of options.  

All this means is that women will probably have to live with this awhile longer, unless there is a compromise temp that will leave men feeling slightly warm and women feeling slightly cool. 

A Cold Office Environment [Getty Images]


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