Eviction Notice With Emoji?

A person who lives at an apartment notice in Memphis got an eviction notice last week.

It was taped to their door on a bright piece of orange paper that said, quote, "Guess who's moving?  YOU!!!" along with big picture of a smiling emoji.

And even though the person hadn't been paying their rent, other people in the apartment complex think the emoji on the eviction notice was too over-the-top.

One of their neighbors said, quote, "It's antagonizing and kind of embarrassing." 

Mixed emotions on this one.  First reaction is a laugh.  Then you think, that was a bit much... it's already pretty embarrassing not to be able to pay the rent.  And even though the apartment management is within their rights, it also conveys a message to others in the complex.

So, hindsight being 20/20 and all, it probably would have been a better idea to just stick to the facts and leave the smiley face out of it.  And the sarcasm.  


The eviction notice got the notice of a comedian on YouTube-- 



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