April The Giraffe Is Expecting Again

I can't do this again.

Remember last year?  Watching and waiting for April the Giraffe to have her baby? April stepped into the livestream spotlight in February of 2017 when the Animal Adventure Park announced she was pregnant.  Her calf, named Tajiri, finally made his appearance on April 15th.  

Let the madness continue.  April is expecting again.

They made the big announcement this morning.  

And yes, Oliver is the father.  And yes, we'll be able to watch and wait all over again.

I just can't do it again.  Just send me a postcard when the baby gets here....


The only thing missing this time?  Geoffrey, the Toys 'R Us giraffe, won't be there for the big event. 


Some people are excited.  Some of us don't need the distraction at work.  



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