Rachel Platten: Happy, Exhausted, Not So Nauseous

I tried to keep a pregnancy journal and write about everything I was thinking and feeling (including the nausea) when I was pregnant with Becca.  

I think I got about halfway through and then got busy making preparations for the new baby... and forgot.

Reading this from Rachel Platten, it all comes rushing back.  The exhilaration.  The fear.  And the nausea. And she says it so well.  Makes me want to go back and re-write my pregnancy journal!!

And yes, I also know what it's like to have babies in your 30's.  And working. 

Of course, she has the extra added fun of air travel and concerts.  Bless you!!!

Anyway, we always say we like it when stars are vulnerable and show they're human too... so here you go. 

Here's mom-to-be, Rachel Platten.  Scared, sick, and so excited... just like we were.



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