WATCH: Pulling a Loose Tooth, from Nerf Gun to Drone!

Loose teeth were no fun when I was a kid.

My mom got a dry wash cloth and tugged til it came out.  I can still taste that wash cloth.  Ugh.

Let's just say, times have changed.

Now, YouTube is filled with videos of how to pull loose teeth using whatever's handy... Nerf guns, hover boards, stuffed animals, drones... and the old "slam the door" technique.

If you're looking for a way to make pulling loose teeth more of an adventure, check these out!

And if you've come up with something better, please share... because this is one of the tough parts of parenting!


That's gotta be a heavy stuffed animal... 


High tech tooth removal... and another sibling, happy to help with the process!


Heavens!  He's using a DRONE to pull her tooth!!


Somewhat traditional... the door slam technique:


Of course, if you wait long enough... nature has a way of taking care of the problem.

This was my favorite... ice cream!



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