Weird List of Names for BayBears When They Move

UPDATE:  Here are the top vote-getters in the first round.... one of these will become the new team name, to be announced Sept 5th.

Drumroll, please!   

Thankfully, Puffy Head Bird Legs is no longer an option.   

Personally, I'm pulling for ThunderSharks.  Strong name.  And lots of ideas for logos/mascots.


(Here's the original blog post on this competition)

Ever gone to the polls and had to hold your nose to vote, because you really didn't like any of the choices?

This kind of feels that way.

The Mobile BayBears will be leaving for Madison after the 2019 season (not THIS season... we've got one more after this!).... and the new owners are looking for a name.

They've come up with 10 team names to choose from.

Really?  Moon Possums?  Space Chimps? Puffy Head Bird Legs?

Oh, and you also get to choose what comes before that name-- Madison, North Alabama, or Rocket City.

I'm having trouble thinking that any minor league player would embrace being a Gloworm.  (Though I understand the glow worms at Dismals Canyon in North Alabama are really pretty cool.)

Of course, it could make them work harder to move up!

And I remember balking at Biscuits when Montgomery chose that one... and it's worked well for them.

Ok, let's look at this a little closer.   ThunderSharks has some strength to it.  Maybe Army Ants, too. That one's got local ties with the Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.

Just please not Puffy Head Bird Legs.  I know it's got a space connotation... it's astronaut lingo for what happens when body fluids move from the head to the legs in zero gravity. But I pity the poor announcers who have to call those games.  Of course, the mascot could be pretty good!

Thankfully, decisions we don't have to make... or live with.



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