Would You Jump Out Of A Plane With Tom Cruise? YES!

Love James Corden and his willingness to try just about anything, while being extremely verbal about his apprehension.  

But skydive with Tom Cruise? Just look at his face.

Move over, James... every woman I know would trade places with you, no questions asked!   We can't bear for you to put yourself through this torture.  

Actually, I've always said there's nothing that would get me to jump out of a perfectly good plane.  But how could you not be safe with the guy from all those Mission Impossible movies and Top Gun??

And, should the worst happen... what a way to go!   (Just kidding.  It's easy to be brave when I know Tom Cruise ISN'T going to be calling on me to skydive.)

So just to be clear-- I'm still against jumping out of a plane.  UNLESS the right opportunity presented itself.  (Or would that be himself?)



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