Shark Week Inspired Prank? Or Sheer Stupidity?

Shark Week puts everyone in a bit of a shark frenzy, but this is too dumb to be real.

Three guys stole a small shark from a San Antonio aquarium, using a wet blanket and a baby stroller.

The aquarium manager noticed the stroller was leaking and followed them to the parking lot, but they got away.

Does this sound like something off one of those dumb teen movies?  I can totally see "Drake & Josh" involved in a crazy caper like this.  

But it gets even better (or dumber....)

They advertised it for sale on Facebook.


And just in case you're unfamiliar with that song.... 

Be warned.  It will get stuck in your head all day.  


We've all seen signs that say "Look, But Don't Touch".

Maybe, since this was a touch tank, they should post a new sign--

"Touch, But Don't Take"

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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