"The Sandlot" Prequel In The Works

You're killing me, Smalls.

25 years after the iconic baseball movie Sandlot was made, there's word of a prequel.  

My first reaction? YES!  Then NO! 

Then I hear that the original director and writer David Mickey Evans is on board.

So... MAYBE?

The movie has had 2 sequels (that it probably shouldn't have).  But maybe it's time to revive it with a prequel.

Besides, it's obvious kids today have NO idea why they're even wearing the t-shirt.  See?


I did enjoy the 25th anniversary reunion this past spring.  If you missed it, check this out--


And so many teams have tried to duplicate the "You're killing me, Smalls" scene.   This one got props from Baseball Bros.  

Bonus points if you can spot my son in it!



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