70 Year Old Men Fight Over Cheese Samples At Costco

I'm sorry, but this headline makes me laugh out loud.

"No arrests made following cheese-fueled septuagenarian fight at SC Costco"

It sounds like something the parents on Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond would get into.  Can't you just picture George's dad... or Raymond's dad.. getting into it over something like this?

One guy cut in line in front of the other guy, and took some cheese.  When he walked up to the next sample table, words were exchanged... and reportedly, the cheese-stealer hit the other guy.

Here's the blow-by-blow description from the police.  


Usually, you hear of people getting upset over parking places.  I guess that aggression has moved inside the store now?

I only mention that because I love any excuse to watch the Tawanda scene from "Fried Green Tomatoes".



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