Easy Way to Prevent Brain Freeze!

We've all experienced it at one time or another... brain freeze.

And I'm not talking about being in a social situation and forgetting someone's name.

It's when you eat something cold and you get a splitting headache instantly.

It happens when something cold touches the bundle of nerves in the roof of your mouth... sphenopalatine ganglion (just don't ask me to pronounce it!)

A Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry's was asked how to prevent brain freeze and gave a simple response:

Just turn the spoon upside down.

That way, the ice cream comes in direct contact with your tongue instead of the roof of your mouth.  Problem solved.

Well, for most.

If you aren't using a spoon and you're slurping a milkshake or Bushwacker, etc through a straw, you'll need to know the rest of the story...how to get RID of brain freeze.

Here ya go...

1.  Press your thumb up into the roof of your mouth to warm the nerves back up.  Or if that's too gross, use your tongue.

2.  Breathe with your hands cupped over your mouth.  The heat from your breath warms the nerves back up. 

3.  Drink something hot. 


By the way, Flavor Guru is a thing.  A real job.  Perhaps, a dream job.  



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