That's a GATOR in Her Graduation Pictures!!!

No, Makenzie, these are NOT your typical graduation pictures.

I've seen grad photos with sports equipment, tractors, horses, cars... but gators?  This is probably a first.

I just love how at ease she is with this gator.  That's because they know each other well.  Makenzie Noland spent her summer interning at Gator Country with Big Tex.  And when she thought about taking pictures for her graduation from Texas A&M in Wildlife Ecology, it seemed like the natural thing to do.

The only thing that strikes fear into the heart of THIS Mom is seeing the photo of her class ring perched on the gator's snout in the water.  THAT was risky!  (Picturing that ring at the bottom of the lake or worse... inside the gator!)

I'm thinking Makenzie just showed why she's "most likely to succeed" in her field!  



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