Hey Blue, You Got A Bug In Your Ear!

I've seen a lot of things at the ballpark... like the night the umpire at the Hank lost her contact lense (which didn't help with fan confidence, if you know what I mean!).  

It's common to hear comments about umpires not being able to see.. but this time, it was the umpire's EAR that was the problem.

The New York Yankees/Chicago White Sox game Wednesday night was paused briefly in the bottom of the 9th when a bug flew into umpire Bruce Dreckman's ear and he had to get it removed.

He got help from one of the trainers to remove it.  And yes, it was still alive, as you can see in the video.

According to Fox News, this isn't the first time the Yankees have had a bug problem.  Pitcher Joba Chamberlain was attacked by small flies during the 2007 American League Division Series.  



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