Can You Stomach Eating Crickets For A Healthy Gut?

Yes, I want to be healthy.  And eating something that increases enzymes and bacteria associated with a healthy gut, while reducing inflammation that leads to cancer and depression... sounds good, right?

Til they tell you the thing you are eating is CRICKETS.

Now, I've been offered chocolate covered crickets by the Gulf Coast Exploreum ... which I politely turned down.   And I've seen the toasted grasshoppers served at Seattle Mariners games.  

I just couldn't do it.  And it's actually more about the crunch sound and texture than the "bug" part of it.

They took care of that in this study.  Yes, the participants ate crickets, but it was cricket powder used to make muffins and shakes.  Who knew that was a thing?

Frankly, it's like hot dogs/sausage.  Don't tell me what's in it.. just let me eat it.  

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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